ABN AMRO signs global framework agreement with FNV and UNI


Under the agreement the bank commits to adhere to the International Labour Organisation's Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including the freedom to belong to a union. Sustainability is an important theme in the agreement, both with respect to employees, clients and society.

A monitoring committee comprised of representatives from the unions and the bank will annually assess whether the parties have complied with the agreement.

The GFA is a good way to reinforce the message that union rights, human rights, dialogue and dignity at work are integral to a bank's overall sustainability strategy.


Statment from UNI GLOBAL UNION:

We have been facing a huge change in the Finance Industry, including a new Regulatory Framework, and putting in place initiatives that incorporate good practices on Industrial Relations.

These measures are the best way to build the foundations of a new model of sustainable banking.

We have made it clear to governmental authorities, the Financial Stability Board and business that it is important to consider the social dimension in any proposal that drives towards a new business model. Working together with you our affiliates in achieving important milestones, such as GFAs, is the best way for us to lay a down a benchmark for what is needed in the Finance industry.

We sincerely appreciate all the efforts FNV Finance made to help UNI to reach this agreement. We know the GFA is not an end to our work, but simply an important ‘tool' to be used in interactions with ABN AMRO. We have a challenge to implement the agreement signed, and it will only be possible with your full engagement.

We also signed 1a GFA with Société Générale, earlier this year, and we are proud to say that this is the second agreement in this important year during which we will hold our World Conference, and we would like to call on your support to work together with UNI Finance to continue to create new agreements that will help each union to increase its density, improve collective bargaining and transform the reality of the workers' daily lives

We would also like to reinforce our commitment to support you in your journey towards Responsible Finance as we work together to build a sustainable world.

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